December 12, 2012

Come Advertise With Me!

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I'm so excited to announce that Julie Leah is now accepting advertisements/sponsorships for 2013!

I've been considering expanding the blog into advertisement/sponsorship opportunities for a while and finally gathered the courage to do it! I work with the RewardStyle affiliate program but have found so many amazing shops that I love to share with my readers. So, I'm embracing the opportunity now! I drafted a media kit - as best I could, I still think it needs some professional tweaking but, hey, one thing at a time!

So, if you have an awesome shop that you want to promote please contact me and I'll send over the information! I'm only going to have a few spaces available initially, so if you're interested email me pronto! (

Please send good thoughts and feel free to spread the word!

Thank you for being awesome.


Southern Belle Fashionista said...

Congratulations, Girlie!! So excited for you!!

barefoot duchess said...

That's great to know =)