January 23, 2015

Twenty-Eight Things I've Learned in Twenty-Eight Years

Yesterday was my 28th birthday. Twenty. Eight. I say that over and over and it still doesn't get any farther away from thirty, as hard as I try. If I'm being really honest, though, I wouldn't turn around and do these birthdays all over again even if I was given the chance. What I thought was wisdom at sixteen (ha!) doesn't even hold a light to what I have experienced in my twenties. There were good times, bad times, worse times, and then good times again, and through it all (every up and every down) I somehow found myself. Today I'm sharing a list of twenty-eight things that I've learned over the last twenty-eight years - you know, because I'm so wise now ;)

(Outfit details: Tunic, JANE.COM | Vest, BOUTIQUE | Leggings, BELK | Shoes, TJ MAXX | Bag, FOREVER 21 Necklaces, J. CREW & TJ MAXX | Watch, MICHAEL KORS | Rings, PANDORA & MARC JACOBS)

Twenty-eight things I've learned in twenty-eight years. . .

one // All the basic life lessons? Yea, we really did learn those in kindergarten.
two // Stop putting off "taking care of your body." Listen to what's it's telling you and make changes.
three // Never go to bed without washing off your makeup.
four // Being happy literally takes less effort than being sad. Just tell yourself "I'm alive, today is a good day."
five // The 90s really were the best of times.
six // Every day I say things that my mother would say. And every day I become more okay with it.
seven // Having a dance party, having a full-on concert in your house will drastically improve your mood.

eight // There will always be people who call me Julia and it will forever kill me.
nine // Never underestimate the power of good eyebrows. And learn how to do them yourself.
ten // I promise your three-day trip won't be ruined if you don't pack enough clothes for ten days.
eleven // Don't worry so much about the numbers. Worry about the relationships and be satisfied.
twelve // Wear what you want and screw the rest. 
thirteen // While we're on the topic, don't worry about size on the tag either.
fourteen // Save money. Start a retirement plan. Live like you're twenty, think like you're sixty. 

fifteen // See your doctor and dentist regularly.
sixteen // When you find a hairdresser who just gets you, hold on and don't let go.
seventeen // It's okay to sit on your couch every now and then eating strawberries and Nutella with a spoon and binge-watching Netflix.
eighteen // Don't sweat the small stuff. No, really, don't. In a couple of days, it won't even matter.
nineteen // The big dream wedding isn't all it's cracked up to be.
twenty // Know who "your people" are and tell them how much you love them.
twenty-one // When your dad teaches you how to check your oil, pay attention.

twenty-two // Being judgmental will never pay off.
twenty-three // Going to a counselor is okay and sometimes so very necessary. Never suffer in silence.
twenty-four // Never settle.
twenty-five // Red lipstick really can change the game completely.
twenty-six // Snow days can make or break your week sometimes. Like right now.
twenty-seven // Quality over quantity.
twenty-eight // Thirty really doesn't look so bad.

January 22, 2015

Thursday Wish List

Wish List

Just a few (random) things that I'm currently eyeing. Here's the run-down!


KENDRA SCOTT'S AVANT GARDEN COLLECTION: Both pair of earrings are from this recent collection, and I am loving the soft water-color hues and unique details.

NEW BALANCE SNEAKERS: A reader posted a comment on yesterday's post that I needed to check out the New Balance sneakers at Anthropologie. Well, ta-da meet my latest sneaker crush.

CLARE V FOLDOVER CLUTCH: So, I ordered this clutch a couple months ago during a Piperlime sale and it was so backordered that I have to wait until February. Therefore, it's here as a happy reminder!

GOLD PINEAPPLE CANDLE: I posted about this on twitter a few days ago. I have looked (literally) everywhere for a vintage brass pineapple and low-and-behold if Anthro doesn't come through for me with this lovely two-in-one!

FURBISH FRINGE GARLAND: I have a strand of this garland around my bar cart, but I'm thinking about maybe getting another for my office makeover.

REBECCA MINKOFF BAG: I am dying for a quilted handbag, and since a Chanel is nowhere in my immediate future, I think this pink option may be the perfect substitute. And how pretty is that color?!

FLAMINGO PRINT: I shared this print in my office inspiration post this week and am definitely thinking about ordering it. I think it's just perfect.

I hope you're having a fantastic week, everyone! xo

January 21, 2015

Currently Crushing: Chic Sneakers

I have been smitten with stylish sneakers since sometime last year when they started popping up on my favorite blogs and street style features. I also remember seeing them during fashion week and thinking what a fun, chic twist this gave to comfort. These leopard slip-ons (or some similar) were everywhere last year and I finally found some on super sale last weekend. I'm already thinking of ways to style them. You can see my latest outfit posts here where I styled a pretty pair of blush pink slip-ons.

What are your thoughts on this trend? 

January 19, 2015

Interior Inspiration: My Office Makeover

Office Inspiration

I'm really excited to start brainstorming my first big house project of 2015 - my office. Or, as I'm calling it, my hobby room. When I first moved into my townhouse five years ago, I immediately decorated my office and made sure that it was completely functional. However, over the last year, it has become a catch-all room that desperately needs some attention. So I'm planning on tackling the project in the next few months. For right now, though, I'm brainstorming ideas and loading tons of images to pinterest.

I want to be able to use this room for blogging, gift wrapping, photography - just a peaceful room focused on the things I love. I have a plan to turn the closet into a gift wrapping station, too. Above is the first inspiration board I've put together, but I'm thinking that it's not going to change much. I'm so excited to see the room come together and share the transformation with y'all.

Do you have any home projects planned for this year? Tell me about them!


Pieces featured: Desk, IKEA | Rug, LULU & GEORGIA | Polka dot pillow, LULU & GEORGIA
Leaf pillow, FURBISH | Elephant print, LAURA DRO | Desk organizer, DESIGN DARLING
Lamp, LULU & GEORGIA | Flamingo and Be You Prints, LULU & GEORGIA
Needlepoint pillow, FURBISH | Tassel garland, ETSY | Gold zebra tray, FURBISH