August 27, 2014

My Style: Summer Layering

I am so excited to be part of 2 Girls in 2 Cities' Side-by-Side Challenge for August! Today we're all featuring our favorite layered looks for this end-of-summer chill we've been experiencing (get links at the bottom of the post!). It's been just chilly enough on certain days to crave a light scarf or even a thin cardigan. I love this time of year because it forces me to get creative with my wardrobe and mix and match pieces that I wouldn't usually pair. It also gives me just enough excitement to really start thinking about transitioning to fall - tights and booties, hooray! Today, however, it's all about matchy-matchy neon and light layers. . .

Tee, ASOS (purchased with c/o gift card) | Skirt, JCP (last year) | Shoes, J. CREW FACTORY
Clutch, ASOS (purchased with c/o gift card) | Scarf, gifted SBS | Necklace, KENDRA SCOTT
Earrings, KENDRA SCOTT | Charm bracelet, gifted LOREN HOPE | Monogram necklace, gifted  PINK BUBBLY
Sunglasses, D&G gifted SUNGLASSES SHOP


Jennie & Amanda at 2 Girls in 2 Cities | Jalpa at Samosa Pop | Jill at Hot Pink Style 
Julien at It's Julien | Jen at Fashionably Employed

Be sure to check out all the other ladies' looks over on their blogs and browse previous Side-by-Side features for some awesome style inspiration!

August 26, 2014

Currently Crushing: 15 Pieces for Fall

Currently Crushing: Fall

I've got the fall itch, gang. We still have a few weeks but I've already got my eye on a few pieces that I think are perfect for transitioning into cooler temperatures and rotating in your closet as key neutrals. I know chambray is usually the go-to foundation blouse, but I love the idea of mixing it up a bit - these polka dots are so versatile. I'm also on board with layering gold necklaces right now as opposed to statement pieces - this and this are a great pair. And how fabulous is that designer look-alike bag? For a fraction of the price, it's the essential everyday bag. I love the idea of topping off dressy and casual looks with a fur vest. This one is currently unavailable but there are tons of options out there! Get some fall color inspiration from this WWD article featuring the top colors of the season - lots of jewel tones which look great on everyone! And browse fall beauty trends in this Harper's Bazaar article!

August 25, 2014

September Issues

Vogue featuring "Instagirls" Joan Smalls, Cara Delevingne and Karlie Kloss

Marie Claire featuring Blake Lively

Porter featuring Anja Rubik

InStyle featuring Julia Roberts

People StyleWatch featuring Lauren Conrad

Harper's Bazaar featuring Lady Gaga and Asia

Allure featuring Chloe Grace Moretz

Elle featuring Kristen Stewart

Vanity Fair featuring Natalia Vodianova

Take a walk down memory lane - 2012 covers and 2013 covers!

(all sources linked under images)

August 21, 2014

Style File: Mint Julep Boutique

Woop! Style File is back today with two cuties, Emily of Life With Emily and Liz of Pretty Sweet Life! I had the pleasure of meeting both of these ladies at the SBS Conference in July and they are both just what I imagined - so kind, genuine, and perfectly put-together! The three of us have partnered with Mint Julep Boutique to style a few pieces from their shop and gush about how adorable everything is that they carry. No, really - everything is perfect. Everything from maxi dresses to game day to rompers - and many of the pieces can take you straight into fall! And Mint Julep is offering one of you a chance to score a gift card to their shop so you can find out for yourself! (Details at the bottom on the post)

Be sure to pop over and check out Emily and Liz's looks on their blogs! See previous Style File collaborations here and keep up with the series on social media via the hashtag #JLStyleFile!

Dress, gifted MINT JULEP BOUTIQUE | Shoes, NINE WEST | Earrings, gifted ADMIRAL ROW
Clutch, gifted VIETA | Bracelet, TARGET | Ring, gifted EMITATIONS
Sunglasses, gifted SUNGLASSES SHOP

August 20, 2014

3 Outfits: Back to School

Back to School 1
Back to School 2
Back to School 3

It's the first day of the school year today and I'm thrilled to get to see my kids! Remember the excitement of picking out that perfect "first day of school" outfit? I'm an adult and I still love that! I hope you all have a positively wonderful Wednesday!

August 19, 2014

Behind the Scenes: What's Really Happening When I Instagram

I love that this Bustle article has opened the door for bloggers to open up about what's really going on when we capture those (obviously staged, beautifully arranged) instagram photos. I can't tell you the number of looks and stares and "what the (explicative) is she doing" gazes that I've received out in public when I've tried to nonchalantly take a pic of my lunch, or the coffee/shoe shot, the list could go on. . .The most hilarious thing about it all is this - we really do look kind of ridiculous when we're in the instagram zone. And believe me, nothing is what it seems through a Valencia filter.

A couple of bloggers have already opened up and revealed their dirty little secrets and Ali even chatted about instagram etiquette on her blog a couple weeks ago. So, I figured it was time to give you the inside scoop. Here's what's really happening behind my instagrams:

WHAT I'M GOING FOR: A beautiful, nonchalant home decor photo
THE TRUTH: I rearranged everything on my buffet table to get this photo just right. And while we're talking about it, there's rarely a home decor shot that I post that isn't rearranged to make it ohemgee perfect. Guilty as charged!

WHAT I'M GOING FOR: Hey, check out my new necklaces!
THE TRUTH: I took about, oh, 50 selfies to get this right. I didn't like the angle of my face, crap not enough of my earrings are showing, too much smile, not enough smile, blurry, is the lighting ok, I'll just edit it anyway. . .you get the idea. Never, ever believe that those instagrammed selfies were on the first try! Puh-lease.

THE TRUTH: I took this photo outside at my front door - most likely with my little old neighbors watching and wondering what in the world I'm doing. Also, why am I wearing that ring? No idea! I wasn't going anywhere (ie: literally in the my pajamas behind the scenes) but it added a little fashun to the photo. Also took about a million pics before I decided I liked the first one the best. Of course!

WHAT I'M GOING FOR: Happy National Lipstick Day!
THE TRUTH: I almost gave up on this photo when the lipsticks would not.stop.rolling. I promise, those are not just oh la la perfectly scattered around. Was it really worth it to go to all that trouble taking the lids off?? We'll do anything for the instagram.

WHAT I'M GOING FOR: Artsy top knot shot
THE TRUTH: This has been one of my most popular IGs to date. I had people asking me to do a tutorial. Y'all, this is literally a knot on top of my head - nothing technical about it! I'll give you three guesses how long it took me to get the pic I used. Too much forehead, not enough forehead, not enough top knot, too bright, too dark....yep, you got it!

(All photos via my instagram)

August 18, 2014

6 Polish Pairs I Love

Image: The Coveteur

I'm as hooked on nail polish as the next beauty junkie. It's the one beauty product that I find myself hoarding and buying nonstop. I used to be the girl who always wanted my nails and toes to match - it just seemed like that was the way it was supposed to be! Not anymore - I'm constantly mixing and matching color pairs and experimenting with combinations. Below are a few of my recent favorites and some to give you a little early-fall inspiration!

Polish 6
Polish 2
Nude + Orangey-Red

Polish 3
Wine + Lilac

Polish 4
Blue + White

Polish 5
Purple + Metallic